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AIRE is a breath test device. It's small but powerful. Together with its app, it can help you find the foods that are most compatible with your digestive system.

  • The Aire uses a Nordic Bluetooth low energy chipset. Initially, the prototype was developed using the Nordic SDK but later migrated to Mbed OS for ease of development.
  • Mbed helped solve the challenge of remotely managing and updating devices over the air which is essential when large volumes are shipped.
  • The online compiler was excellent. While a developer was on vacation in Portugal at a music concert it was still possible to edit and compile code for the other team members in California.
  • Their advice to any startup in the development process is to find a factory as early as possible. The first factory they worked with specialized in toy manufacturing, the second were experts at robotics. Finally, they found a factory who manufactures alcohol breathalysers and could offer them years of experience in this field.
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