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Indoor Positioning

Locus Positioning

The BLE and BLE+LoRa tracking system is a service which can be used for tracking assets indoors. It provides GPS-like positioning and tracking of assets indoors. Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are used within the environment, combined with BLE trackers and gateways providing access to the positioning cloud server online. The BLE system provides a complete system for tracking assets. The LoRa system uses a combination of BLE for positioning and Lora for communication. All systems use signal-strength based positioning, providing low-cost positioning. Locus Positioning uses calibration-free and self-calibrating positioning algorithms, which means no calibration of the environment is required for positioning. This greatly reduces the effort for setting up a signal-strength positioning system. Moreover, the system adapts to changes in the environment.

  • They chose Mbed for easy development and fast time-to-market for development of embedded software. Mbed is used for development of indoor trackers and gateways providing access to the internet for our indoor trackers.
  • The trackers run on Nordic NRF51822 and NRF82832 silicon with a mixture of Mbed OS 2 and 5.
  • The trackers contain temperature, humidity and motion sensors.
  • The project took about 6 months to develop by just one software engineer.
  • It was developed with the online compiler and offline toolchain using ARMGCC.
  • You will find these products in use at airports, warehouses and hospitals to date.

More details about the products can be found here:

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