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Industrial transmitter


Petasense is focused on industrial asset optimization and reliability. These assets must stay up and running as they are often the heart of a factory; predictive maintenance is critical for any industrial organization. Petasense monitors critical assets with a variety of sensors - including vibration, ultrasound, and temperature. The sensors plug in to the Petasense Transmitter, which wirelessly sends the data to the Petasense Asset Reliability and Optimization (ARO) Cloud. On the cloud, Petasense uses machine learning to analyze and predict the health of industrial assets in real time. This enables industrial organizations to proactively monitor their critical assets and perform maintenance and repairs before a failure occurs.

  • The main reason Petasense chose Mbed OS was that it was open source and they needed full control, it has a small footprint and there is a thriving developer community that provides great support. They also liked the extensive range of drivers and reliability included in the offering.
  • Uses STM32 processors running the latest version of Mbed OS.
  • The transmitter is compatible with almost any industrial sensor - including vibration, pressure, temperature, ultrasound and current.
  • Expect to see Petasense products used in multiple industries including power, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals and mining.

More information is available at the Petasense website:

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