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Smart City Bike Lights


A bike light that automatically brightens just when needed to save power while also getting noticed. It contains a high-performance accelerometer to monitor various conditions including swerving, sudden braking, road surface condition and falls. City planners are using this data to improve road safety, cycle track planning based on desire lines and reducing surface repair costs. It also has a temperature sensor to help local governments decide which roads to grit first during the winter.

  • Built using a Nordic NRF51 chipset inside a Rigado module.
  • Took about 1 year from concept to production with 3 firmware developers.
  • Developed using the Mbed online compiler because it was much simpler than other options available.
  • Advanced light temperature detection allows the device to ignore street lights and only brighten for cars thus saving power.
  • Local processing handles 800Hz accelerometer, wind speed, lighting and temperature calculations.
  • If you would like to own a set have a look here

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