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Vineyard frost prevention


Trak365 developed the WeatherWatch System to improve the yield of vineyards that could be exposed to frost during the spring. The sensors are able to be placed through a vineyard to yield precision local climate conditions which is a significant improvement over traditional methods where most vineyards only have one weather station and temperatures can vary by over 5°C across the plot of land which would clearly leave some areas at risk. The system is able to alert the ‘frost duty’ team exactly where temperatures are dangerously low so action can be taken to avoid damage to the fragile buds on the grape vines – lighting large candles called bougies. With the addition of a humidity sensor it is also possible to identify risk areas within the vineyard for potential insect and fungal infestations during the growing season.

  • The WeatherWatch system uses LoRa for the network.
  • It uses the Multitech xDot module.
  • Runs Mbed OS.
  • Can easily be customised for other purposes and use cases.
  • For more information and contact details please read this case study.

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