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Waste Management


To better serve remote waste management facilities, Alphatronics offers automated, IoT-connected access control systems that minimize service visits and improve operational efficiencies. Alphatronics is leveraging new and emerging cellular connectivity standards to provide low cost, low-power connectivity in rural locations without wired access to communications or electricity. The waste management system runs completely off-grid using an internal solar panel so power efficiency was a critical factor during product evaluation.

  • Alphatronics systems help waste management customers easily and securely connect existing infrastructure to IoT.
  • Alphatronics' automated, connected control system eliminates the need for onsite staffing at remote waste management facilities, and reduces service calls.
  • The control system ensures only approved customers can access the site and monitors how much waste they leave for easier billing and regulatory compliance.
  • By leveraging cellular standards like GPRS, Alphatronics enables low power connectivity in remote locations lacking wired power and connectivity options.
  • Chipset used was STM32F429ZI running Mbed OS 5.
  • Connectivity to Pelion Device Management is over GSM cellular today with other options available via the Mbed OS platform.

For a full case study, have a look at our blog post.

A video of the product is available here

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