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The Well Cow bolus wirelessly monitors rumen pH and temperature, allowing optimisation of nutrition management for cows to improve their health and welfare. Farmers can use the data to optimise the diets for their cattle and consequently improve production efficiency and ultimately the profitability of their business.

Key insights

  • Acidosis is a metabolic disorder affecting dairy and beef cattle where pH levels decrease as a result of high grain and lower fiber diets.
  • Sub-Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) costs the North American dairy industry between $500 Million to $1 Billion annually at a cost of $1.40/day per cow (
  • 20% of cows develop acidosis (Dairy Herd Network)
  • The Well Cow system features the NXP LPC11U24 board which contains the ARM®Cortex®-M0 processor.
  • The wireless bolus is placed orally inside the cow and is stored inside the first chamber of the cow’s stomach. The device records the pH level and temperature every 15 minutes and can store data for 120 days.
  • Data can be downloaded to an Android™ based tablet or smartphone via radio transmitter in the collar which is fitted around the cow’s neck. Data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed by farmers, veterinary surgeons, animal nutrition researchers or scientists.
  • Long-term monitoring of the acidity can identify digestive problems at an early stage and improve the quality and efficiency of milk production. Improvements in nutrition can also reduce methane production as cows produce 200L a day
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