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Contributor License Agreements

We welcome contributions to Mbed OS.  Because we publish Mbed OS under an Apache 2.0 licence, we need to obtain from you the rights to publish your contributions under the same terms.  The Mbed OS Contributor Licence Agreement (CLA) does that, and is also your assurance to us that your contributions are your own work.

There are two CLAs, a corporate one and an individual one.  If you’re working on Mbed for your employer you need the corporate one, and it needs to be signed by a legal representative of the company.  If you’re working on your own account you need the individual one and you can sign it yourself.

Return a copy of the signed document to us at along with your GitHub IDs and next time you make a pull request we’ll be able to see we have a CLA from you.

This is a new CLA for Mbed OS.  It is not the same as the CLA you may have clicked through previously in your user account in  We’re working on making it just as easy to sign up for this new one, but please bear with us while we get that done.

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