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Arm Mbed Enabled

The program aims to validate a product’s compliance with the requirements of the Arm® Mbed Enabled™ Program. Validation ensures that a product conforms to Mbed’s compliance criteria and technical requirements and maintains interoperability with other Mbed Enabled products.

By participating in the Mbed Enabled Program, you are helping to make Internet of Things (IoT) devices that have been validated against a specific set of criteria and based on open standards. When a product is validated it becomes part of an extensive ecosystem of Mbed Enabled products, services and solutions to help facilitate the growth of a scalable IoT ecosystem.

The Mbed Enabled program requires approval with the latest published version of compliance criteria and technical requirements of the program.

Program Benefits

  • Easily make your product known to the Mbed developer community and ecosystem.
  • Have your product referenced and linked on the Mbed site. Boards and Components also have the opportunity for a product-specific page on the Mbed site with links to documentation, tutorials, and other marketing material. 
  • Clearly identify your product as ‘Mbed Enabled™’ by using the program's logo on your site, marketing material and products.
  • Participate in Mbed marketing activities (blogs, social media, events and so on).
  • Show your product at the Arm trade shows and the Arm IoT exhibition area at the Cambridge headquarters.
  • Have the opportunity to feature as an Arm Mbed product case study and be part of the Arm Innovation Hub.

Program Requirements

  • Publish the Arm Mbed Enabled logo on relevant products webpage(s).
  • Those applying under the Board, Component and End Product categories will need to mail at least ten sample products or prototypes to the Mbed team. We will use these for testing and future public demonstrations.
    Note: Applications will not progress until the samples are received and scheduled for validation.
  • All uses of the program logo must adhere to the logo use guidelines.

Validation Process

Step 1: Prepare

  1. Determine the product category that your product aligns with: module, board, interface or end product.
  2. Review the latest Mbed Enabled compliance and technical requirements for that product category.
  3. Verify your product meets all requirements.

Please note that we are no longer accepting submissions for Mbed OS 2. All submissions must support Mbed OS 5. 

Step 2: Apply

  1. Fill out the product categories online application form and submit form.
  2. If your product falls under the following categories (boards, components, or end products), ship samples to one of the listed locations.

Step 3: Test and Validation

  1. The Mbed team will begin testing and validating the product against the compliance and technical requirements. If samples request, the test will begin as samples are received.
  2. If the product does not meet all of the requirements or fails a test, the applicant will be notified.

Step 4: Arm Mbed Enabled Usage Guidelines

  1. If your product has been validated by the process outlined above, use the Arm Mbed Enabled logo as pursuant to the Arm Mbed Trademark Guidelines available from the Partner Portal. Please note that you must be logged in to view this content. 


Ready to apply? Before applying review the compliance criteria and technical requirements  and ensure your product meets all requirements before submitting your application using the Mbed Enabled for Mbed OS 5 application form.

Where to ship samples

If applying under the product categories of boards, components or end products, please ship your samples to one of the following offices:

United Kingdom:

Arm Ltd.
Attn: IoT BU - Mbed Enabled Program
CPC1, Capital Park,
Cambridge Road,
CB21 5XE

United States:

Arm Inc.
Attn: IoTBU - Mbed Enabled Program
5707 Southwest Pkwy
Bldg 1 Suite 100
Austin, TX 78735


Arm K.K.
Attn: IoT BU - Mbed Enabled Program
Shinyokohama Square Bldg. 17F
2-3-12 Shin-yokohama
Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi
Kanagawa 222-0033

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