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IPv6 over Low power Wireless Personal Area Network is a communication method for small, low-power devices. Arm Mbed has a 6LoWPAN stack with built-in security and a compact source code.


A term to cover the Mbed software, community, partners and developer tools.


Greentea (Generic Regression Environment for Test Automation) provides board-agnostic automated testing of Mbed Enabled devices. Greentea automates test firmware flashing, Mbed device reset, test execution, test result collection and result presentation in human readable form for review and sign-off.

Mbed SDK

The Mbed library and test suite used by and developed at This is what all existing Mbed projects are based on.

Available in Mbed 2, and Mbed 5.

Mbed 2

An umbrella term encompassing the Mbed SDK, the Mbed 2 IDE, and the Mbed 2 developer site. If you aren’t sure which version of Mbed you’re using, it’s probably Mbed 2.

Mbed Classic

See Mbed 2.

Mbed Classic SDK

The Mbed SDK on Mbed v2.

Mbed Client

An OS-agnostic software library that provides the means to connect and manage devices through Mbed Device Connector Service.

Mbed Device Connector Service

The Arm Mbed Device Connector is a hosted version of the Mbed Device Server, offered to Mbed developers to fast track development and prototyping.

Mbed IDE

The web IDE familiar to existing users of Mbed 2.

Mbed OS

The software Arm and its partners are developing for Cortex-M devices. It replaces the Mbed SDK.

Mbed OS Partner Edition

Mbed OS plus partner-only features.

Mbed OS uVisor

Implements security services on Arm Cortex-M microcontrollers within Mbed OS.

Mbed TLS

A trivially easy software library used to include cryptographic and SSL/TLS capabilities in products, facilitating this functionality with a minimal coding footprint. Formerly known as PolarSSL.

Mbed yotta SDK

The Mbed SDK, made available on Mbed v3.


An event scheduler for Mbed OS 3.


A registered partner of Arm Mbed. Partners have access to the Partner Edition of Mbed OS and the Partner Portal.

Partner Portal

The area of accessible only to partners.


The software distribution, packaging and build system for Mbed OS 3.

yotta module

Distributable software that is used in a program as a dependency but not modified.


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