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Mbed Client

To help device manufacturers join the Internet of Things (IoT), Arm Mbed created Mbed Client: a library that connects devices to Mbed Device Connector Service,  and to Mbed-enabled cloud services from our partners. It is a free, high-level C++ API with porting guidelines and examples that can turn any device into an endpoint to use with Mbed Device Connector.

Please note: Mbed Client has been superseded by Pelion Client, which provides an OS-agnostic library to connect devices to Pelion Device Management. Pelion Client is available as part of Pelion Device Management.

Key features

Mbed Client implements a subset of Mbed OS functionality and is optimized for constrained networks and devices; it uses the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) to provide energy-efficient communication and supports security measures tailored for low-memory devices.

Manufacturers who use Mbed Client can rely on:

  • Full compatibility with Mbed Device Connector Service and cloud services from Mbed Partners, as well as Mbed OS and most RTOSs and Linux:
  • A communication stack with low power consumption, based on CoAP.
  • Free, open source library under the Apache 2.0 license.
  • Small memory footprint.
  • Arm Mbed TLS for a secure connection and supports other TLS libraries.
  • OMA Lightweight Machine to Machine (LWM2M) compliance.

High-level C++ API features

The Mbed Client API provides full control of endpoint and application logic, including:

  • Registration and deregistration.
  • Information reporting with Observe, Notify and Cancel Observation.
  • Device management and service enablement using GET, PUT, Write, Write Attribute, Create and Delete.
  • LWM2M object management.
  • Delivery support using queue mode for UDP.
  • Data format support for plain text and OMA TLV.

See the Mbed Client User Guide for more information about the API.

Porting Mbed Client to your platform

If you would like to port Mbed Client to your preferred platform, you can check the porting guide. You can then contribute your code to the wider developer community as open-source. Please contact your partner lead or send an e-mail to

Example applications of Mbed Client using Mbed Device Connector Service

Two example applications to get you started with Mbed Client and using Mbed Device Connector Service:

Deployment Example - Mbed Client with Mbed Device Connector Service

In this example, the Mbed Client is running on an embedded device - a door lock. It uses the WiFi connection of a nearby phone or the home's router to connect to the Mbed Device Connector Service, which provides web services.

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